Restaurant Review: Nourish

Nourish has a simple, but ambitious, mission: provide healthy food at a decent price.

Karen Masterson, one of the founders of Nourish in Lexington, MA is a tall and thin energetic woman with a clear passion for the mission of her restaurant.  The mission, simply put, is to feed people healthy food at a reasonable price, especially when compared to what healthy food stores normally charge.  This can be a challenging task, as Karen admits, but she so strongly believes in their mission that she’s committed to making it happen.

The food isn’t fancy, but it’s good.  If I were in the neighborhood again, I would definitely stop in for a glass of their local organic red wine or beer and the falafel appetizer.  The Alaskan Cod cakes were delicious as well, and came with a side of salad, which was nice touch.  The cranberry chutney that accompanies the filo wraps added a great flavor.  I’m vegetarian, but my counterparts were meat eaters and we all found something on the menu to whet our palates.  That’s another part of Karen and Kevin Masterson’s mission: to offer menu items to entice the vegan/vegetarian contingent as well as their more carnivorous family members or friends.

I do agree with the Boston Globe’s review of the restaurant, that it is hard for a restaurant to offer top-quality, healthy food at a reasonable price, but we’re also rooting for Nourish to succeed. I will patronize this restaurant again with friends who are interested in the mission.  I hope that this restaurant inspires other restaurateurs to take on the challenge of feeding people well without breaking their wallets.  Good food shouldn’t only be accessible to the wealthy.  In my work with pediatric obesity prevention, I see first-hand how important it is for restaurants to offer nutritious tasty food at a mid-range price point.  I applaud the Masterson’s for their hard work.  Cheers!

Nourish Restaurant
1727 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA  02420
(781) 674-2400

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